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Our story.

Radium PCs started with 4 friends who all shared a passion for computers and a love for gaming. Our journey began in Melbourne Australia 2019 when the market seemed full of Gaming PCs that lacked any amazing aesthetic without the big price tag. So, we decided why not make our own! we set out to create a company that would deliver amazing looking PCs at affordable prices.  

Gaming too us is more than a hobby, it's a way of life. That's why we pour our dedication, heart and soul into perfecting the best Gaming PCs for anyone, at any price point. As a local Melbourne company, we are proud to support our community and contribute to the Computer/Gaming industry in Australia. 


Parts are hand-picked from our warehouse and assigned to your technician.


The expert technician will build your gaming PC to your specifications.


Our testing crew will take your PC and stress your PC to ensure optimal performance.


Your PC is given the approval, it will be packed and labeled for delivery AUS wide!  

Why Choose Radium PCs?

What sets us apart is our passion for what we do. It's not just a job it's a labor of love, using the very pcs we make to game on (outside of work hours). We're not just a company, we all share a love for gaming and technology. When you choose Radium PCs, you join our ever-growing family of gamers. 

We take pride in our builds and are not satisfied until our customers are. And with that satisfaction comes unparallel customer service.  


At Radium our PCs have 3 core tenants: Aesthetic, performance and price. PCs are not just a machine; they are an expression of the user and can be anything you can dream! Whether you prefer the sleek, minimalistic look, or the eye catching RGB, we have you covered. From Minimalist to water cooling PCs, we can create a PC that best reflects your vision. 


Not only aesthetics, but our technical ability allows focus on practicality and functionality. Carefully designed to ensure optimal airflow and cable management ensures better performance and easier future management. We use top tier brands and products to ensure future-proofing and stability for many years to come. 

Customer service.

Communcation is key, and we pride ourselves on being not only super friendly but understandable. PCs can be daunting and complex, so we take pride in being able to answer questions regarding PC technology. We provide personalized and stress-free experiences for everyone and enjoy speaking to all our customers who share our passion of computers. 


What's better than an amazing Radium gaming PC? 3 years warranty and lifetime support! Our industry leading 3 years warranty provides customers cover for the unlikely event of defects in materials or workmanship, with free return to base options Australia wide. The use of top quality and expert craftmanship ensures a smooth process in any issue, and our ongoing support team means they are there for any PC related query. 

Our community.
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