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Intel i5-14400F | RTX 4070 OC 12GB

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ProArt: LVL 7
  • ASUS GeForce RTX 4070 ProArt OC 12GB
  • Intel i5 14400F
  • 32GB (4x8) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200mhz
  • ProArt B660-CREATOR D4
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II - 240 CPU Cooler
  • Lexar 2TB NQ790 Gen4
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Dispatched in 1-5  days 


Ryzen 9 7900x | RTX 4070TI SUPER OC 16GB

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ProArt: LVL 14
  • ASUS RTX 4070ti SUPER ProArt OC 16GB
  • AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
  • 32GB (2x16) Corsair DDR5 5200mhz
  • ASUS ProArt B650 Creator
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II - 240
  • Lexar 2TB NQ790 Gen4
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Dispatched in 1-5  days 


Intel i9-14900KF | RTX 4080 ProArt SUPER OC 16GB

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ProArt: LVL 15
  • ASUS RTX 4080 SUPER ProArt OC 16GB
  • Intel i9 14900KF
  • 64GB (2x32) Corsair DDR5 5200mhz
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II - 240
  • Lexar 2TB NQ790 Gen4
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Dispatched in 1-5  days 


Intel i9-14900K | RTX 4090 24GB

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ProArt: LVL 15  Ultra
  • ASUS TUF GeForce RTX 4090 OC 24GB
  • Intel i9 14900KF
  • 64GB (2x32) Corsair DDR5 5200mhz
  • ASUS ProArt LC 420 AIO
  • Lexar 2TB NQ790 Gen4
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Dispatched in 1-5  days 


Radium PCs: 

Your Trusted Partner for High-Performance Workstations

Radium PC workstation setup working on the Abode editing suite

Drawing on the essence of Radium PCs, we are more than just a gaming PC company. We provide professional solutions that span across various industries, powering innovation and productivity. Our workstations are designed for a diverse range of applications, from content creation and scientific computing to engineering and beyond.

Every Radium PC, from the simplest to the most complex, is meticulously crafted by our dedicated team. We adhere to strict testing and validation procedures to ensure your workstation performs at its peak, maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime. But our commitment doesn't end there. We offer comprehensive on-site servicing and have express pick-up and delivery options available nationwide.

An EKWB liquid cooler cooling the Radium PCs Ryzen 7800x3D

Meticulously Crafted Workstations for any office space.

Our expert team is always ready to assist with tailored solutions that align with your business needs. We pay attention not just to hardware and software, but also to seamless integration and deployment within your existing ecosystem. Our consultations are designed to provide a holistic understanding of your requirements, ensuring that we deliver a solution that fits perfectly into your workflow.

Expertise Across Industries.

Tailored solutions for both home and office.

At Radium PCs, we understand the need for reliable, high-performance computers that can handle the demands of a busy work-from-home setup. Our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with your home office, offering smooth multitasking capabilities, excellent connectivity, and quiet operation for an uninterrupted work experience.

Unleash Your Productivity With Radium PCs

At Radium PCs, we understand the unique requirements of content creators and editors, and we build our systems keeping these needs in mind. In the world of digital content creation, software is as critical as the hardware that runs it. That's why our PCs are designed to support and optimize the performance of a wide range of industry-standard software.

Adobe Suite, a favorite among content creators and editors, runs seamlessly on our machines. From Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, Photoshop for image manipulation, to Illustrator for vector graphics, and InDesign for layout design, our PCs are equipped to handle these resource-intensive applications smoothly. The Adobe Suite is well-regarded for its comprehensive set of tools that can handle virtually all content creation and editing tasks, making it an invaluable asset for professionals in this field.

A complete Radium PC setup with the new Mattrex 50 OMEN LVL 4 build

Radium PCs Professional Solutions

Creator working on Adobe after effects program

Content creation

At Radium PCs, we build powerful workstations tailored for content creation, ensuring smooth performance for tasks like video editing and animation.
Sergey working on AUTO-CAD design project at the Radium PC

Simulation & visualization

We provide workstations designed for simulation and visualization, capable of performing complex computations and rendering realistic environments.
PC with the adobe suite feautring Illustrator, Photoshop, After effects

Adobe Suite

Our systems are built with the Adobe Suite in mind, guaranteeing seamless performance across all Adobe applications.
Workstaiton setup designing using SolidWorks program on our latest Radium workstation

3D Modelling & Design

Radium PCs builds computers capable of handling the intricate details of 3D modeling and design. With high-performance GPUs, our systems can comfortably manage the software used in these fields, from AutoCAD to SolidWorks.
Introducing the new Deep learning Radium PC machines with ample memory

AI & Deep Learning

We understand the computational requirements of AI and deep learning. Radium PCs crafts systems with high-speed processors, ample memory, and GPUs to handle these tasks, ensuring efficient machine learning tasks.
Using C+ coding, to build the back-end of a new webiste with Radiums Workstation line of PCs

Data Science

Radium PCs constructs workstations perfect for data science, capable of handling large datasets and complex calculations. Our systems are designed with robust processing power and extensive storage.
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