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Hey Gamers! We're Radium PCs, your go-to source for high-performance gaming PCs and workstation computers. From Brisbane to Perth and everywhere in between, we're delivering powerful systems to every corner of Australia.
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Powering Up All Corners of Australia

Whether you're raiding dungeons in Adelaide, building spectacular worlds in Brisbane, strategizing victories in Canberra, braving the wilderness in Darwin, questing in Hobart, crafting cities in Melbourne, adventuring in Perth, or navigating galaxies in Sydney, Radium PCs is by your side, ensuring your gaming experience is top-notch.

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Adelaide, discover our collection of high-performance gaming PCs, tailored to your needs!

Hey, Brisbane! Get ready to level up your gaming experience with our range of custom PCs!

Melbourne, explore the next level of gaming with our custom-built gaming systems!

Queensland, it's time to immerse yourself in unparalleled gaming experiences with our bespoke gaming PCs!

Sydney, elevate your gaming adventures with the power and performance of our custom gaming systems!

Perth, get ready to dive into the world of high-performance gaming with our custom PCs!

Canberra's gaming community, meet your perfect match for a powerful and reliable gaming system!

Hobart gamers, let us fuel your gaming passion with our high-performance custom PCs!

A fully water blue themed water cooled pc

Why Choose Radium PCs?

No matter where you are in Australia, here's our commitment to you:

Quality builds:

Products have reached consumers Offering Prebuilds, Full Custom PCs, Workstations, and Water-Cooled PCs, we use top-tier components in every build.

Personalized Service:

Each PC is tailored to your unique needs, because you deserve a system as unique as you.

Fast, Reliable Delivery: 

Each PC is tailored to your unique needs, because you deserve a system as unique as you.

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